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Welcome to Verse Wisconsin's Issue Archive 2010–2014

Local Ground(s), Midwest PoeticsVerse Wisconsin (2010-2014), a non-commercial, hybrid print-online magazine with compatible but different contents, published 15 online and 13 print issues. Its last issue appeared in April, 2014. This website archives all 28 issues, as well as information about more than 60 VW events held in Wisconsin and beyond. VW's editors also published occasional books and anthologies as Cowfeather Press from 2011 - 2015. Follow Cowfeather Projects, our new venture, on Facebook.

The anthology, Local Ground(s)—Midwest Poetics: Selected Prose Verse Wisconsin 2009-2014, Edited by Sarah Busse & Wendy Vardaman, Cowfeather Press, 2014, collects some of the essays published in Verse Wisconsin, and is also VW's final print issue (114). Click on links below to browse our free archive. Rights to all work belong to individual authors.


VWOnline 113-114—Midwest Remix
Issue 113 online
113—print pdf
Issue 113 print


VWOnline 112—Parents & Children
Issue 112 online
112—print pdf
Issue 112 print
VWOnline 111—Women & Poetry Publishing
Issue 111 online
111—print pdf
Issue 111 print


VWOnline 110—"It's Political"
Issue 110 online
110—print pdf
Issue 110 print
VWOnline 109—Community
Issue 109 online
109—print pdf
Issue 109 print
VWOnline 108—Verse Drama, or "Mask & Monologue"
Issue 111 online
108—print pdf
Issue 108 print


Poems About the Wisconsin Protests: Video & "14 Broadsides" about the Wisconsin Protests (download pdf)
Main Street Wisconsin—Poems About the Wisconsin Protests, 2/18-9/11/11
Heart, by Matthew Stolte
VWOnline 107—Earthworks
Issue 107 online
107—print pdf
Issue 108 print
VWOnline 106—"Luck of the Draw"
Issue 106 online
106—print pdf
Issue 106 print
VWOnline 105—Poems in Form
Issue 105 online
105—print pdf
Issue 108 print


VWOnline 104—On the Road
Issue 104 online
104—print pdf
Issue 108 print
VWOnline 103—Work
Issue 103 online
103—print pdf
Issue 103 print
VWOnline 102—Alternate Realities
Issue 102 online
102—print pdf
Issue 102 print
VWOnline 101—Doors & Windows
Issue 101 online
101—print pdf
Issue 101 print